Destin “Kites on the Harbor” This Weekend ….

Morning to all and welcome to Wednesday from Destin and the Emerald Coast!


"No Rain "

The picture above  is the Destin Harbor with no rain, a rare sight the last 20 days. Finally, yesterday the area was able to claim its first sunshine filled day with no rain for the entire day after 7:00 am…Man was it great and was it great to see people, locals, and visitors braving the outdoors again and enjoying a beautiful August day. By the time nightfall came around I think everyone  was relieved and excited for the day we had all experienced. It was great!

With the weekend on the way, we’re hoping yesterday was the prelude to a great Saturday and Sunday down at HarborWalk this coming weekend for the 4th Annual KittyHawk Village Kite Festival in Destin. As you know and as we’ve covered previously, Kitty Hawk Kites stages these events around the country every year at various Kitty Hawk retail locations. The one this weekend for our local store at HarborWalk is the 4th and all have been enjoyable.

The entire event is free and there’s a lot involved in the festival for kite lovers to enjoy. The event starts at noon on Saturday and runs into Sunday also. To check out the event and all of the activities involved for those who plan on attending, it might be a good idea to check their event site at this link….KittyHawk Kites Destin Festival !


Since I started getting emails around noon yesterday on “what’s the Old Dog’s feelings on Issac”,  I guess we’d better touch on two new tropical developments way down South and East of the US for right now. The first one and the one closer in toward the US is Tropical Storm Issac which, as of the latest NHC advisory is at 15.5 N and 57.3 West….Remember we’re at 30.2 N and 86.3 West, far, far away. Issac is at 45 mph sustained winds and moving 18 mph to the West. That puts the storm center about 280 miles east of Guadeloupe. As of 5:00 AM the Dominican Republic has issued two warnings for their country….a Hurricane Warning for the southern coast and a tropical storm warning for the northern coast. We’ll watch its momentum and track for the next few days and keep you up to date but it’s very far away so far.


2 Cyclonic Possibilities

Next concern is a large depression 650 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands. At present it’s still just a depression, number 11 I think for the year, but the NHC says it has a 90 % probability of becoming cyclonic. The picture above shows both systems as provided by the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Naturally, we’ll continue to monitor both systems to see if there could become US involvement over the next 10 days to two weeks or so but in the meantime to keep yourself up to date you can always check our Weather Page and scroll to the bottom and click on the National Hurricane Center link.

Hope it’s goimg to be a great Wednesday for everyone. We’re looking at only at slight chance of showers today and tomorrow and then sunshine for the weekend with highs in the upper 80′s! Sounds really nice. We’ll stay busy and on top of the tropics so youb enjoy and relax and have a good one. Catch ya later!




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