Destin Commons Expansion Could Net 100 Store Total….

Morning all and welcome to the Emerald Coast one more time.

You know, generally when folks think of Destin they think of the white sands, the emerald waters, the excellent restaurants, golf, fishing and things like that. But, there’s also that group of folks that thinks of the outstanding shopping we have in the area all along Highway 98. Actually, you only have to visit our site’s Shopping Page in the navigation bar above to realize there’s plenty of shopping, plenty of styles, and plenty of places to enjoy a day with your shopping bag and your “plastic”…and Destin Commons is exactly one of those places.

From Abercrombie Fitch to Zoe’s Kitchen, the current lineup of over 70 stores offers our visitors and our locals ample opportunities to find just that special something that’s been on our metal “to do” list for sometime. But with the current expansion underway out at “the Commons” as the center is frequently referred to, shoppers will have even more opportunities to enjoy a day away from the beach with additional new stores that could push the center’s total to around 100, or about a 25 store increase as currently projected.

With the massive high, long-running fence the construction crews erected early on in the project, it’s difficult from Highway 98 to see all of the tearing up and site work being done, other than the evidence of something happening as given away by the large sandpiles seen on the other side of the fence. But once off of Highway 98 and into the property itself it’s quickly evident a lot of work is being done. Destin Commons has not released to our knowledge, a listing of the approximate 25 new stores coming our way when the expansion is completed and honestly I don’t think even they now the final players right now. We do know a portion of the expansion will include more than just shops and will also have a representative sampling of additional nationally known restaurants and popular eateries as well as a mix of well-known speciality shops.

As we understand the current expansion project at Destin Commons, the basic construction will take pretty much all of 2013 and some of the early months of 2014. By the time our summer season rolls around this year the project should be far enough along that we’ll all be able to get an idea of the size of the project when completed.

Well, if we can believe NOAA and the folks in the weather business, our local temperatures should start to warm up today and by afternoon we should be back into our normal 60′s range with calm winds and just some cloudy skies, but, with no precipitation in the forecast for a change. Throughout the balance of the week we should stay near the 70 degree mark which will be more than welcomed by those of us who have enjoyed enough of the cold, damp, and windy days of the last couple of weeks.

By the way, for those who might have missed last night’s BCS Championship game which everyone except the BCS knew would be a colossal mis-match, Alabama won convincingly without really breaking a sweat it appears. I had predicted 62 t0 3 as a final but, why exert the extra energy when it’s not needed.

Have a great day everyone and catch ya later!

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